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About the Art
Detail of The Yellow House Of Yorktown, acrylic painting by Jeanne Eickhoff, © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Jeanne knew in high school she had a knack for drawing. Her favorite medium then was pastel, and she established a strong background of realistic drawing skills. Jeanne is very proud she went to the School of Art at the University of Michigan. She was very influenced by the abstract expressionists, and if she painted anything, it was abstract. After college she focused on graphic arts and has enjoyed a long career creating logos and designing for page layout & computer curriculum.

In an effort to 'begin again' Jeanne has gone back to her realistic roots. She has narrowed her focus to watercolor & acyrlic painting. She carries a sketchbook and camera with her constantly to capture images and ideas that she responds to.

It is important to Jeanne that her art stands for more than pretty images. Many of the paintings of the places in Yorktown, Virginia, where she lives, are historical buildings that are seldom captured on canvas. Other places, such as the Meanwhile, On The Other Side Of The Mountain, A Plane Crashed, of Shanksville, Pennsylvania have deep significance and purpose.

Currently painting in waterbased media, Jeanne experiments with various methods of getting the paint to the canvas. She is not afraid to switch styles just to see what happens. At the same time she checks that she can paint in consistent styles if the project calls for it. She plans to branch out into oil based paint, and perhaps revisit her old favorite the pastel.

Thank you for visiting Jeanne's website, Ike's eye.com. Oh yeah, we get a lot of questions about the name for our website. Well here is the scoop: Jeanne's last name is Eickhoff, pronounced 'Ike-hoff'. So we have the nickname of 'Ike'. Next, Jeanne always had an 'eye' for things, so there you have it--Ike's eye...Picture the world as seen through Ike's eye. We hope you like what you see.

  Detail of The Yellow House Of Yorktown, acrylic painting by Jeanne Eickhoff, © 2007 All Rights Reserved